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November 17, 2015


Joann Danforth

There you go again, stirring up the communities, just like your Seeker to Servant vision. 😆

This is so good, I agree 100%. I too pick things apart before I make a major change or a decision, so why wouldn't there be a movement to change the way it should be allowed to enter into the intimacy of a marriage. The easiest way to facing difficulties in a marriage does seem to be divorce. I think we all should take a look at this seriously, teach our children to use these principles before dating and marraige.
I also believe to turn a troubled marriage around takes courage and commitment, but foremost God. To see young couples in church warms my heart, atleast they have a chance to start off on the right foot.
I realize too there are cases that simply cannot avoid divorce, however, applying your principles from the onset, is a must.
Pastor Bobby, I pray your heart and soul are blessed tenfold, our country needs a good shaking, and who better to start off a great idea.
Steve and I miss you very much and will never forget the ideas you encouraged us to apply in our marriage. Something I found to be true is to have a date nigbt, however, step it up. We both look forward to that night, our silly selfies and dinner. We decided to date all the time, and the power in that along with God, has made passion, intimacy and love flame up to an all time high.
Thank you so much for sharing this concept with everyone. I am sure this will help people be better prepared to make decision that will impact their lives.

Lots of love to you and your beautiful bride.


I have long left the world of organised Christianity. May faith and my relationship with God is real. Father/Other is always here, always close. I understand what you are saying, but the things that seem to define us, Chuch attenedance, marriage, citizenship, are temorary, transient, and changeable. I have found freedom through my losses and trials. Freedom to let go of the illusions of this temporal world, to find peace and joy. Control is an illusion, the harder we seek it, the more in alludes us.
Letting go us the best thing, and the most difficult thing I have ever done.

Toni Hardin

There ourselves and we are desperately hanging onto God. Very good insight.

Michael Carr


Eddie G

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!

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