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October 15, 2015



I haven't been to Harvest in years. I looked it up tonight, plan to go tomorrow and was surprised you weren't the lead pastor. I Googled your name and was taken to this blog. Broken and stubborn, I walked into the Rave theater many years ago. I had quit on God and thought he had given up on me. You and Harvest gave me hope. It changed my life. Prayers to you as you chart new chapters and journeys in your life.

Rachel mcnorton

Thank you pb! You are an encouragement to me and my family! I so appreciate your blogs! The mcnortons miss you and can't wait for the bridge in pensacola to be here!

Donna & Scott

We continue to lift you in prayer, PB (and Robin). God crossed our paths at such a critical point for us and we are certain His hand is upon you. You ARE a leader and ARE gifted to teach His children. Doors will open in His timing and you will be amazed when you're both looking back at this cross roads. Glad to hear you are going to begin to blog again regularly. We'll be reading, and lifting you in prayer, and waiting to see how God restores you. Be encouraged by looking back at what He's already done with your submission to His call on your life. We are lives changed because you were obedient. Our love and gratitude, PB

Keith McNorton

Thank you PB. Don't ever think for a moment that your gift of reaching people is anything but from God himself. That's what it is PB, a gift; a gift from God. Don't look at 52 as a roadblock, look at it for what it's worth! You are blessed, anointed, experienced, and powerful. Use it! Pray about it PB and when you need help, know that help is available to you. Love you brother.

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