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September 08, 2015


Stephen mchaney

Bobby if you ever need to talk I have been where you are... I will b glade to listen.
. 334-303-4586... text or call... blessings

Maribeth Price

Bobby, I bless you in your new life. I know the feelings and hopes that go with a family home. Dan and I have experienced surprise and even shock of what we have faced in these years following the time we knew you through Liberty. But one thing I know. God is indeed love. We all fail. I have failed but I rejoice in God's redemption and love and I hope that you do too.
God bless you my brother and it's not about this earth anyway, as you know.


I well remember that Stephen. And Melanie, as well as to you Stephen.....and myself... GRACE!

Melanie Gallian

Thanks PB for helping grieving hearts that have suffered the same life changing events to heal. Prayers for lots of blessings and love to come with this new season.

Stephen mchaney

This post made me tear up... I was a young man in college and I worked with Gary Horn and we worked in that house and I hv been in that house many times. My heart breaks for all we have lost over all the years: friends, loved ones, and marriages... God is good at sending people in our lives to loves us the remainder of our days... but the loss is still sad... I love you very much Bobby...
Stephen McHaney

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