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May 22, 2013


Betty Sexton

Yep, you never get over the passing of your parents. My daddy has been gone now for 19 years! Any my momma for 9 years. But I really think that they are suppose to "stay with us". We are linked to them forever and our own children with a bond that will never be broken. It's just how life is. Now it is such a blessing to see my children reflect so much of what my parent were. They truly left a legacy behind. Amazing!

Deborah Bixler

Only good memories! He was a very kind man. I miss my parents everyday. My Dad was a veteran of WWII. He only told me one story of how God spared his life. Surely there were many. I never thought to have a flag drapped coffin. He could have had if I had thought about calling the American Legion in town. Sorry Dad, but I love you and thank you for teaching me Christian values, living the example,being there for me,seeing to it that I was growing up in church to learn about Jesus. Now I know Him personally. I pray for all who never have that example. Let us honor the Vets today who have given their all for our freedom we have today!

Paula Finley

I am with you , my sweet mom died one year ago march 7. I thought I would die, my best friend , mom, spiritual guide....I was so lost I couldn't breath. I still forget often. I too, care of her for 17 years with no help fom my 3 siblings. I am still trying to figure out what to do after church on Sunday. She was my afternoon for years. I drove around in circles trying to find somewhere to be...it doesn't exist , there is no replacement for them, I ache for her and her words and loving eyes. She new not judgement, just loved as completely as a human possibly could.

D Hebert

I know he loved you and was a great basketball player!

Julie Royer

very true! Mom has been gone for 21 years and Dad passed in 05 still miss them both and with every passing mile stone that I know they would have been at and enjoyed makes me miss them even more! I'm glad that I have the comfort of knowing that they are with God and that I will see them again some day!

Jacky Eisner

So very true. I lost both of my parents too and don't think I'll ever get over them not being here anymore. Sorry PB... :(

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