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May 08, 2013


Chelsey Sexton

I don't think I've ever heard Him audibly, YET!! Maybe one day I'll get to experience that. That'd be super cool. For now, the main way the Lord seems to speak to me is through dreams. I get direction through dreams all the time!! It's fun. :)

"My Sheep Hear my Voice"

Paula Finley

I know with certainty that Gods speaks. Unfortunately we are generally surrounded by so much manufactured noise that we don't entertain silence often enough to hear his voice nor have our own spirit ( which is his too) in accordance with what He has called us to, which I might say does not require you to be perfect, that job is filled. I have been blessed with his enormously awe inspiring presence and articulated word . This occurrence is undeniably His grace and guidance and I am undone by His presence, unable to speak or stand for a good bit being so completely filled by His spirit. After which I am generally left in laughter and unexplainable joy. I don't speak of it because most would consider it malarkey , but I know his truth and voice when I hear it

Sis Deborah Bixler

We should pray each day "Fill me with your Spirit, Lord Jesus, and guide me in your way!" The poster I have says that as a reminder with the Bible verse posted below on it: "Teach us your ways, so we may walk in your paths." Micah 4:2 NKJ. We should not look to the left or right but straight ahead to the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus for the way is narrow--like a tightrope these days for the days are evil. We should also pray as Jesus taught us in the Lord's Prayer--most assuredly He will answer that model prayer!!!Even so Come Lord Jesus for we are ready! You are our everything in that Blessed Hope for the living of these days which seem even harder than in the past history. I know it is His Story and I am so glad I know Him from a little child. Praying my grands will be brought up in the love and admonition of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ--so that when they are old they will not depart from it! That is my prayer! Our eternal life with Him is assured in Him!

Sis Deborah Bixler

So thankful God speaks and His timing is perfect! I,too, get divine impressions to write to someone, then the letter or card will get delayed for any number of reasons, but I do not get frustrated like I used to do! I think to myself--it will get there when the time is right! Sure enough I heard back from one lady who said the card arrived on the exact anniversary of her husband's death many years before in June and it comforted her!!!Amen. I had not recalled the month or the date--only God knew!
Once I heard about a friend in the hospital-she had been faithful to send me her church's bulletins for over a year after my husband decided to leave to go to another church. I visited her, had a prayer, but knew it would not be long that she would go to her heavenly reward. (not sure she knew I was there!)Sure enough,next day, as I was leaving my work for my car I heard the audible voice of God saying only "Anna's gone!" I would not say it was a human premonition, per se, for within awhile it was confirmed that Anna had passed away! She had suffered a stroke while handing out bulletins at her church, never knowing she had high blood pressure. I wondered often if she had been under a Drs care would she have lived longer? Dr Jesus is the best, of course, but He does work thru Drs to give them wisdom what to do. It helps to know you have a praying Dr. Our God is a good God! The Holy Spirit does more than comfort or interpret the scriptures to us! Thank you Jesus for the fullness of your Precious Holy Spirit! Ask to be filled and He will!Micah 4:2

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