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May 15, 2013


Dave Bixler

Touched by Charley story & starting his on non profit organization. This type of thinking will lead him down many paths. He will inspire many folks with this action.

Annie Grey

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!!!


Wow. Charley sounds like a really awesome kid. :)

Josh Stewart

This is a very cool, heartwarming story! Thanks for sharing, PB!

Danielle Grubbs

That is too sweet! What an awesome kid :)Also German Shepherds are the BEST!!!!

Deborah Bixler

Thanks for sharing! God really orchestrated your day like He has done for me many times! So blessed. Hope to meet Charlie and his family and friends someday at Harvest. God really does care!

Cathy Wood

Wonderful story pastor Bobby.
Hope we get to meet Charley and his family at Harvest someday.

Bill Robinson

Cool story, Bob.

Arthur Roger Hirth

That is a wonderful living life story.

Heather Harrington

This is awesome to read as I used to babysit for Charlie and Matthew. So glad that you got to talk to them and their parents. Put a smile in my heart to read this post.

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