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March 27, 2013


Danielle Grubbs

Being the daughter of an alcoholic I have seen the evils that alcohol can cause! I have been the victim of alcoholic rage more times than I care to recall.Even with that background I have a glass of wine with a nice dinner. I absolutely agree with you Bobby. Alcoholics are typically self medicating some other missing element in their lives or numbing a source of depression or stress. The Holy Spirit keeps me full and on guard! If it were a sin to drink alcohol period end of story I'm pretty sure Jesus would have said it:)

Kelli Brooks

God has never asked his children to be perfect, only faithful. But what amazes me each and every day, is how, be it christians, catholics or methodists, is our constant need, drive, and main purpose in life to cosntantly set ourself apart from other human beings. We spend our lives refusing to fathom the possibility that maybe, just maybe, we are ALL the SAME, ONE, in the BODY of Christ. Luke 2:49 "And he said unto them, How is it that you sought me? knew you not that I must be about my Father's business?
Jesus was all about, all surrounded and all present in the "real", the "now" and, quite frankly, the "ugly truth" and that WHOM SO EVER SHALL BELIEVE IN ME, despite everything he witnessed, saw only his fathers' children. Not the whom so ever is perfect, or the whom so ever is without out sin, he wanted and longed for believers. Most, no let me rephrase that, a large majority of us, myself included, are light years away from being about our Father's business, in way, shape or form. Pastor Boddy keep doing what your doing; your father's business.

Sis Debbie(Deborah Ruth Bixler)

Looking forward to our communion time at Harvest and glad you are using grape juice as it is good for the body also! Breaking of bread heals our body and the remembrance of Jesus death, burial, resurrection is so significant in the life of a Christian. Wish we would have communion more often. During the revival at Brownsville they had communion every Sunday!People reported healings during this time! Happy Resurrection Day to one & all of the Body of Christ in our fellowship as well as other denominations!


I understand your concerns Leslie, and do not encourage people to drink. I encourage them to walk with the Lord in everything and treasure His fellowship and pleasure. For me, to go beyond that is adding to the Word, as the Bible clearly does not condemn alcohol outright, only drunkeness. Just last night I attended a Passover meal another church hosted that was authentic, much like the Sabbath meal I had in Israel last year at a Jewish families home. Both included the 4 cups of real wine, tracing all the way back to the time of Moses. After each cup, we prayed, Blessed are You Lord God, Ruler of the Universe, for you have blessed us with the fruit of the vine... They receive it as a good gift to be enjoyed. After the 4th cup i thought, wow....this is a good bit of wine involved here. It was Kosher, blessed by a rabbi, 11%. But I have to agree that driving puts a whole different spin on things, as does the whole partying culture. This is in homes and with family and friends. Grace to you!


Thank you for responding to my post about alcohol consumption. I have tremendous respect for you as a person answering your call to preach the Word of God. This is why I am extremely concerned that you may be misleading people into thinking it is ok to drink alcohol as long as it is in moderation. Most people do not know when intoxication and "too much" has occurred, and then you may accidentally consume too much. People have not driven a car and killed others because they had too much money or beat and killed their wife because they had too much food and blacked out. As representatives of Christ, I think giving people information about how to live life without using alcohol and drugs would be more of a positive role model than encouraging moderation but to not condemn the one who chooses to drink. If someone is not losing their wife, family, car, job, health, etc. they probably do not have a drinking problem. But, it can become an addiction INVOLUNTARILY at any point. We have to have food and money. We don't have to have alcohol. We can teach people to handle their food and money God's way, teaching people the right way to drink is preposterous. We should be teaching our youth how to live life without drugs and stimulants.


The wedding

"Big" Mike

Something made Me wonder with the last post, was the best wine saved for last for the wedding or the cup offered at the "Last Supper?"

Trevor Gehman

Good word!

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