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March 20, 2013



Actually when you go overseas to places like Israel, they can't believe that this is even an issue. Of course you drink wine with dinner, why wouldn't you. Only in American church is this the problem.
And when Paul said in Ephesians, "don't be drunk with wine which leads to debauchery." What was he not wanting us to do, be drunk or not get drunk because of what it leads to? We all agree that drunkenness leads to to things that one might regret. But is he saying it because drunkenness is the sin or is he saying it because when you get drunk it leads to worse things?


And Debbie, to answer your questions, we will be having Communion at Harvest April 14th, both services. And it will be grape juice.


Hey Leslie, being filled continually with the Spirit is a top priority at Harvest. However, i do not agree with all your thoughts. First, i was in Israel last year and the finest wines actually have a higher alcohol content and more body. To say that there was little alcohol content would negate Eph 4 that says "do not be drunk with wine..." The possibility of drunkeness was because there was alcohol content in the wines of Bible times. Which leads me to the 2nd point, that being the true issue being idolatry, or in drink issues, drunkeness, food issues, gluttony, money issues, greed. Is there always the danger when I eat I can go to far? Certainly. Is there always the danger in attaining money and nice things I can become greedy and a lover of money? Absolutely. But if I am truly yielded to the Spirit's control (one of the fruit of the Spirits true control in a life being self-control), I can enjoy food, enjoy drink, enjoy nice things, with the Lords Presence and blessing, not living in bondage. I hear your heart though and appreciate it. Hope this clears the air


Jolly well said. Thank you.


The wine that Jesus drank had minimum alcohol in it. The finer the wine, the lower the alcohol. Also, they had to drink wine, even children, due to a lack of fresh or uncontaminated water. Since I have worked with alcoholics for many years and it is impossible to determine who will become grossly and severely addicted, it would be best not to approve of alcohol consumption. I would recommend getting drunk in the Holy Spirit and to teach people how to do this. Especially, considering the millions addicted to substances and destroying families, children's, and individual's lives. Teach people to be God-addicted. Thank you Bobby.

Sis Debbie

You have made a fine comment and I often wondered where you stood on this. We need to take communion again at our church as it is so meaningful!Will we use wine or grape juice?


John really???? Wow.. Lets look at the apostol and than us... I am ashame to call myself a christian.. We debate this silly things while people are dying because of us ( as God gaved us all the financial, emotional support ) but we chose not to do so and judge the apostols, they died for Jesus people..while we are hiding

Bill Robinson

Thanks Bob. I read that article and thought the same things. Why compare us to 'John instead of Jesus? And of course Jesus drank; that why he was accused. Did you read some of the comments after the article that said Jesus only drank grape juice or that the wine at Cana was grape juice? Hilarious and sad at the same time.


that was excellently worded! You have taught us with the word what I knew was truth but could not articulate. Well done PB. Terri

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