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January 01, 2013


Debbie Bixler

Looking forward to "Growing" our church family in 2013, as I do believe the Lord has many more surprises & blessings ahead as we are in His will, seeking to stay close to Him!I like what you term,"turning seekers into servants" That is what I want to do--mature in the Lord and grow ever closer to Him & His church family He has chosen for us to "grow and mature" in!(if I may end my sentence with the ever constant proverbial preposition that i was told in English class to never end with!) Oh Well!!!I just realized I ended another sentence with a preposition! Rules must be broken sometimes. Forgive me please!Guess I could have worded it another way but it is late and I must get some zzz's! Goodnight and God is truly blessing us now!

Danielle Grubbs

V-Elf is my favorite Christmas movie lol! I am so excited for all the changes my family is growing right along with Harvest!

David Bixler

Looking for many blessings that will come in 2013 for Our church "Harvest of Pensacola."

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