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November 07, 2012


Cindy Key

I'm trying to verify what you wrote about a conquering king adding the conquered kings robe to the end of his own. It makes sense to me, but I'm trying to verify it. Do you know where I might find that information?

Cathy Wood

Thank you Pastor Bobby! My granddaughter Emmi and were just talking about this at bedtime last night. But I didn't know about the train part and why it filled the temple. Can't wait to share your post with her today after school.


Thank You Bobby, this was an encouraging reminder!

lauren belfield

thank you p.bobby. my sentiments precisely. blessings. lauren


What a time to be alive! Have you ever thought about how PRIVILEDGED we are as Born Again believers to be living in this age?!! BE READY, JESUS IS COMIN'! PRAY FOR THE LOST!!!


amen! well spoken Pastor B! Blessings...

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