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August 28, 2012


Ms. Cyndi

Well written, thank you!

Gaby Daniels

Very good message Pastor Bobby - I especially appreciated "When we find courage flowing out of us, we need to look at the voices coming into us, who we are listening to, what we are reading, the input we are receiving. Doubt can so easily fill our hearts when God is saying, "Just obey me and trust Me!" ". :)

Love you

Margie Carter

Thank you Pastor Bobby for posting. I was out of town & didn't hear the message, but I am in agreement that things come so easy that we sometimes don't have to believe God for things because we have plan B (plastic) to fall back on. I have had many miracles in my own life as a result of sowing what I didn't think I could afford to do without. Now I know that I sowed in faith & God multiplied what I sowed. I can't go into great detail here but just 6 years ago, I had to start all over financially & lived on 1/3 of what I live on today. I believe it was because of what our family was willing to sow. We sowed it all & God gave back what I couldn't have accomplished in the natural. He repaid me & is still repaying me for all the years the locust have stolen. I take no credit for my accomplishments, because he has given me favor & has given me more than I could have hoped or even asked for.

Ronda Krebs

This was such a great message Sunday. I was blown away at the way God 'showed up' for my family through this message. Two of my family members were dealing with something when they came to church Sunday, and the night before I had been desperately pointing them to God and His ability to affect change in their situation. God used you and this message to give them the practicalities they needed.
Also, I was confused when you first began to preach because I was wondering why you would preach the same message 2 wks in a row. Turns out I had heard practically the same message preached on the same scripture last wk from a source I haven't listened to in yrs. Took it as an amazing confirmation that I am on the right path as I have decided to believe God for something 'out of the ordinary' for the 2 family members mentioned above.
Thank you for finishing the message. It was especially good to be reminded of #5 because I have had periods where my doubts will nearly convince me I am stupidly naive to believe this situation will have a different outcome than so many others have. I choose to believe God and the promises He has made to me.


Awesome word Bobby! Thanks for consistently bringing messages full of life!


This was a good one Pastor Bobby. Im glad you posted it so I could go back and get it all again!


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