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November 24, 2011


Sheryl Braun

This is a little late, but I'm just now catching up on your blog ;) The amount of time your turkey soaked in the brine is fine, it probably just wasn't rinsed enough. Just rinse the bird like crazy next time, under all the skin too. It will turn out great!

Thomas Guidy

Some can miss the point of the way Cash " expressed " his version of this song. ... The empire of dirt would be pills, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and generally stuff that doesn't pass into eternity ; ). ...

I still love to stop by your blogs when I can PB. ... Nobody can spin life stuff to make you see how God is in it like you can brother ! Your writing in your blog years ago inspired me to be the seasoned writer that I am today.

I've been healed of dyslexia and a learning disability, and now I write beautifully!

Thanks Bobby!


Wow, depressing video. Don't really know what to say. Yipes.

Brian Hassett

We all know LSU is going to lose to alabama.


I think Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt is awesome. It's rare that a cover will be as good or better than the original, and also bring a different feel and dimension to the song. Another good example is Frank Sinatra's cover of "yesterday" by The Beatles. To me it's much more meaningful because of the somber tone. With Cash's cover he brings a deeper sense of regret than the NIN version.

Dave Bixler

Great that you did your first T. I usually do one every year but not this year. We spent our Thanksgiving with my mother, Deb's sister in Montgomery then went to Atlanta with our daughter. Had a great Thanksgiving holiday & weekend.

Julie G Royer

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful friends from the south! Merry Christmas too!! Yesterday John & I had the honor of spending the afternoon volunteering at a Thanksgiving Dinner that Lowe's sponsored along with the USO for North & South Carolina Military families. (Around 400 people)It was a beautiful day and we spent the day greeting the families in the parking lot. What a sweet day to be able to express our gratefulness to each of the families for their service to our country. So if one can't be with your own family I can't think of a better way to spend the day serving those who serve every day! It was a very BLESSED day! God Bless! Julie & John

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