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October 31, 2011


Thomas Guidy

It like this; " put it this way: Peace RIGHT NOW....Peace RIGHT HERE ". ... You're right PB, when you proclaim peace over the roar of the tumultuous moment in Jesus name, the stillness and peace of Jesus within will keep you from making a decision you'll regret! Great stuff!

Jim lafleur

thank you bobby, I needed to hear this because I am going thru not a peacefull time right now. I guit my job at the group home where I worked. because of my back trouble. I couldet just be there and do no work. also I feel GOD is callen me and my wife to something new. That is to taverl and share my testamoinl about being set free from drugs and to share the good news of JESUS. don't know how to start going about this but getting input for friends and my pastor love you and that you.

Sis Deborah Bixler

Thanks for posting this right away from your sermon that we were not able to hear in the alotted time.You did a great job of presenting it. Just wish we could have heard it all. When we get back into our new renovated bldg., we will have no time limits!~!PTL!

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