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August 23, 2011


Deborah Ruth Bixler

Right on teaching from Habakkuk! Would have sat through it a second time. Which service is the archived streaming video? How can you delete cetain parts as you asked them to do? Everything you say is coming thru you by Holy Spirit's unction and I feel nothing should have to be deleted. But I know you are conscious that some may take it the wrong way. I was upset at God also for allowing the devil to take Will at such a young age but perhaps he had fulfilled his purpose and it was just "his time" as it says in Ecclesiastes--a "time to be born and a time to die"
My sister, Gerri Margaret, died after suffering 50 years with brittle diabetes. She prayed for healing and once she thought she was. She never really accepted the disease that can be controlled with diet and insulin. If not for Banting and Fleming discovering insulin(with God's help)she would have died at the tender age of 9!She often asked me why did she get the disease and not me. I could not answer her. God took her a year ago Aug. 17th. The lady next door(Geroko--Gerry) who used to help me give glucagon shots to Gerri when her blood sugar went low has died also from complications after heart surgery. I hope they are praising the Lord together in Heaven along with our parents and grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who have gone on before.
Had no idea your day was going to be that full--thanks for filling us in--I love your blogs and you but Jesus loves us more--that is what I always tell my grands!!!


Recycled church people?!?! Wow that's a statement

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