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July 20, 2011



Well said PB!

Art Lopez

Hope you are feeling better Pastor.
Prayers are with you for a full recovery.

Libby Hargrave

Smile with the people you love. Talk with the people you love.
Laugh with the people you love. Take care of the people you love. We do not know when God will call us home, so, enjoy today, everyday the people you love.

Sis Debbie Bixler

You are so "right on" Pastor Bobby"! Glad you are back to blogging--missed you for the longest time. Deep thoughts are one thing but daily reminders of our family's love and our(CHURCH'S) spiritual family's love mean so much. JUST BLOG AWAY WHAT IS ON YOUR HEART AND MIND. WE WILL LISTEN AND LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR TIDBITS OF FAITH AND AFFECTION!

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