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July 05, 2011


lauren belfield

blessings bobbie and debbie. so joyful that your body is healing quickly by God's touch. give it time, you will be better than before. richard and i are praying for you both and will continue to . thank you so much for all years of ministering God's word and love into our lives. thank you for nourishing us and our children , and their spouses, and there children. God has most undeniably grown our families love and faith in Him thru you. what a privilage that must be for you. thank you for being willing. God bless and heal your body to completion and refresh you and debbie's marriage with renewed passion. lauren and richard



Annie G

We call that a "Do Over." Like when you were kids and playing a game that required a re-do. You shouted, "Do-Over!!"
I'm so grateful that our God is a God of Do-Overs!
Like you said, Grace, Grace, Grace...
Peace Out,

Stephen McHaney

Hey Bobbie,
This is Stephen McHaney. I am praying for you and Debbie. Suzy and I have been through hell and back between two divorces and three marriages. God is the God of restoration and his mercies are new every morning. If God can restore my family, He can restore anyone's family. You pray for me and I will pray for you. God bless!

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