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July 28, 2011


Lisa Kelly

PB, I've been praying for you! Scared me to pieces. I have friends that work at West Florida and you have been the talk of the ER!!!! No one could believe the guy with the puctured lung that drove himself to the ER! You are one tough dude. When I told the docs I knew you, they told me you were lucky... I said nah, not lucky.. just Blessed. :)


It was good to see you back on Sunday. Praying for a continued speedy recovery.
Love you PB.

Annie G

Wow! When you do something, you do it with full gusto, don't you??? So thankful you are on the mend. Continued prayers your way...

Dave & Debbie Bixler

Debbie & I have beenpraying for quick recovery & the pain that you experienced. I am old bicycler myself. Love to ride but not here in the US. Had an incident in Norfolk. I use to ride my bike from home to base everyday except in winter months about 12 miles each way. Almost got run over by an individual who did an illegal left turn. I had to eat the pavement & curb. It could have been his car. He stopped & said that he was sorry. He made repairs on my bike. When I rode I used toe clips. The Bike shop person was right. You must learn to use new equipment like that before adventuring out. Be safe & bless before heading out again.

Julie G Royer

God is such an awesome God! So glad that you are recovering and trusting God to make it a speedy one! I do think the training wheels might be a good....In our thoughts & prayers!
Christ Love John L & Julie Royer


It's so good to know that you are doing better. We have been praying for you and your family.

Jason and Ellen Beck

Good to hear you are home. We have been praying for you and are continuing to pray for you. Look forward to seeing you on sunday.

David Mouton


Glad to hear you're on the mend. Remember, we're not spring chickens anymore! Lifting you and your family up to our God.

Marcel Jack

So glad to hear you are ok! Just don't overdo it.
See, exercise really is bad for your health~ I had a bike vs shoe incident a couple of years ago myself, but not nearly as serious.

 Andres and Monica Garcia

We are so glad you are doing well. The Lord is so faithful!!

Joel Shirley

From the nursing side of things....WOW, You are TOUGH. Love you man.

Dawn LeBlond

Hey Pastor Bobby! Glad to hear you're feeling better! Now don't get over motivated and try to start back up too soon! Miss you and the rest of my Harvest Family!

Autumn Helms

Thank God you're okay! He is always looking out for His children. :) Glad to know you're out now and feeling better.

Chris Dufrene

Thankful for you and your wife. Thankful you are okay bro. Much love and prayer from us.

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