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June 28, 2011


Debbie Bixler

Great to have you back. Keep on preaching the Word and teaching what the precious Holy Spirit lays on your heart and mind. Not only a Sermon to be enjoyed, absorbed into our hearts and lives but also challenged!Thanks again for being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading and annointing!


This message definitely had me thinking, and maybe a little confused on one hand I am always wondering why as christians if we are to immitate Christ why we are not on street corners saying you brood of vipers to the hypocrites, and I feel bad for not preaching everywhere I go, but then someone might say we are to be lead by the Spirit when to speak up,Also we are not perfect immitaters:) so I guess that's how I feel about this one. I tried to go to a party I was invited to by one of the kids mom's (hubby's bday) brought my kids, but just did not feel good about being around people drinking a good bit, with their kids as well. I did however stay for a bit, and tried to be as sociable as possible, I guess like you said it is case by case and that is important to know to listen to the Spirit, some of us may not be there quite yet.

Danielle Peebles

Loved this sermon, Pastor Bobby! Thank you so much for being so real! I can't remember a time that I walk out of a service at Harvest not feeling challenged and encouraged all at the same time.


One thing I thought about during your sermon is what about those who are on their journey to knowing Him better and still have those who want to do the Holy Spirit's job in their lives. Somehow I feel that's even worse when the fish do get caught to give the Holy Spirit the day off and try to do it for Him. Faith becomes externals and not an issue of the heart. Throughout our walks as believers God continues to open our hearts from beginning to end.

David Gilbert

great post


It is good to see you back PB. 8-)

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