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January 18, 2011


Jeff Scott

Shine on!

curt poole

Bobby, it is so refreshing to "discover" that Christ is multi-faceted. Growing up in a strict christian home, the impressions are that "we are the right ones". I realize that with out the search of Biblical doctrines we cannot defend our beliefs, but it also tends toward sectarianism. My great desire in relationship to the body of Christ is that we learn to major on the non-negotiable. You know, things that really matter in our relationship to Jesus and living the KIngdom life. If we could develop these then it may become easier to see how well we are related to other members of the branches of Christ. Doctrine does not have to be divisive, as it is so often used today. Some issues are not matters worthy of a fight or division. This is also why christian should have a good understanding of church history, and not just ancient church history, what did we believe just 50-100 yrs ago?

jim lafleur

love you brother

Richard Moore


randy wojciechowski

Love you NaBob...that was good!

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