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November 01, 2010



Pastor Bobby,

Your conviction to pursue your leadership with a sober mind and a dedicated heart is awe inspiring. It warms my heart and is a true testament to the glory of God, as I find it very Christ-like. You have taken up the job of leading people to Christ that they might be saved through Him. Yours is not a job to be taken lightly.

I have absolute respect and admiration at the dedication and conviction you have in your heart to glorify God in the way you choose to lead your life and teach the people.

Elizabeth Holmes

Thank you, Pastor Bobby. We've been through our share of unsound leadership. We were young and immature. Agree with the comment above, "very refreshing"!

Danielle Peebles

Pastor Bobby -
Thank you so much for your heart for people, especially hurt people. I also appreciate your willingness to exam yourself and your openness. Seeing these things in church leadership is very refreshing and just another reason why I love Harvest so much!

Jim Mather

Hurt people hurt other people. Healing is not an option. We need to be healed before we destroy the very fabric of our lives...our relationships.

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