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November 18, 2010



Hello PB, I can almost be sure that the Holy Spirit hit him like a ton of bricks soon after. I travel a bit for work and sometimes wear shirts that mention Jesus.....always try to go the extra mile and not Bring Him down with something i say or do, believe me people are looking. Thanks for all you do at Harvest, Ronda and I are blessed to have found you guys. Oh....and have a Blessed day.


This topic brings up a host of other issues which I have often wondered about. I wasn't allowed to say "crap" in my house growing up either but I've noticed that word choices are somewhat a reflection of time, culture, and background. Having said that, I agree that that particular word seems out of place and, to most people, offensive, which is something to avoid. I can't help but think that the fishermen disciples where probably rough talking guys, but who knows? I have always been a big fan of words in general, especially those that have a big impact, so I'm kind of biased toward not against colorful language but that's just me. I guess what I am saying is that I believe the bottom line is to love God supremely and your neighbor as yourself. If your words or more importantly, your actions, offend or cause your neighbor pain, then chances are,you are not living like God wants you to live, which is full of His Love.


Thats the song they sang to win 2nd place PB...come on man...thought you would have caught that!? LOL

curt poole

This could make for a great conversation or challenge to any local body of Christ. To what do we rely on to keep our hearts from being anesthetized by the current culture ?
Without the demonstration of the presence or power of Christ, and given enough time, we all begin to lose our edge. 3 John:11 says "..he that sins has not seen God". Here is the rub for the church and the culture....where are we not seeing God? A wife beating husband may well be a tither, a great helper to the weak or even a deacon, but what he needs is a revelation that God inhabits his wife. Are we as christian, a representation of Christ or just nice people? When I was a young teenager I slipped one day and said "oh crap" in from of my Dad, to which he replied, "I wouldn't hold in my hand what you just had in your mouth". I never forgot it,still don't say it.

Mickey Sperry

I'd venture a guess that the Pharisees didn't make a committee decision one day to care more about appearance than substance. It's easy to end up 180 out from where you should be when you lose sight of the big picture.

jim lafleur

there is so many is this world today that speak the gospel but do not truly walk or live it in there lives it is a shame because they or only not hurting there selfs but are a very bad example to nobelivers. you are right it is a heart thing if we let God truly change our hearts we can speak and live the way HE has called us to live that to me is to love the lord with all are hearts and to love our brother as our self


Sad this is the state of the church in America. James also warned us "Be doers of the word and not hearers only DECEIVING YOURSELVES" When we just hear the words of Christ and dont apply them to our lives and live them out daily - we only deceive ourselves. I believe we in America are becoming "gospel hardened" just as many un-saved that hear the salvation message over and over eventially become "gospel hardened" because they do not act on what they hear. We can also become "hardened" when we dont act on what we hear. "Out of the the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" Its all about the heart.

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