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November 09, 2010


Bob Holmes

Jim You have the soul of a poet! Incredible thought.

Jim Mather

When we lay the soil of our heart with copious amounts of God's word we will reap a harvest of hearing in due season.

Bob Holmes

It's a struggle for all of us. I find that when I've got the sowing/reaping mindset (looking for a better word),works, Karma, I will rarely hear from God. I can pray, fast, work, give and the heavens are brass! Why? I'm in an earthy head, frame of mind.

The Language of Heaven is not works but Grace. Tuning in spiritually,(again, looking for the right word) Spiritual Mind, Mind of Christ, The attitude is Give to Give. This attitude opens us up to receive...it creates a thankful, grateful, and generous heart in us so that we CAN hear...To Give to Give. It is Grace and it is the Language of God.


Looking forward to teachings, struggle with that myself.


If God created communication He is the great Communicator. Opening Eyes to this truth will change EVERYTHING.

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