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November 11, 2010



Emotion is a great slave, but a terrible master.

One of the best principles ever.

Jim Mather

I agree Bobby but for people with serious emotional disorders such as depression or panic disorders etc... the ability to act on the will alone is often limited or shut down completely. That's why we as compassionate friends need to reach out and help those who cannot move beyond their own emotions. Jesus was moved with compassion to help others.... emotional and also are part of the will of God.

curt poole

Bobby, a great post for discussion. It does seem our current cultural blend of christ/plato allows for over looking distinct biblical instructions for ethereal options. Traces of this can also be found in Martin Luther, one of my "hero's", who thought it faulty to have included the book of James in the NT cannon because of Chp 2. Paul specifically told us he "beat (kjv) his body" and made it his slave so as to never disqualify himself. Other translations are kinder, but we easily get the point. Guess what...our bodies rarely if ever want to do the will of God...talk about a cross to bear.

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