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November 17, 2010



How great that you and Michael had that time together. What a proud Papa. :) BTW, the Holocaust Museum was my favorite part of D.C. I toured it by myself and walked around the place for hours with tears in my eyes the entire time.

Carolyn Ongalo

Yay... Win! we loved DC and your step by step tour info gave us the most bang for our buck! Yes the Holocaust by far the most moving. Second the hot chocolate chip cookies at the front desk.. DC you rock it!!! Blessed to hear of another memory made with your Son. Thx for sharing :) C


Where were you Sunday? Watching unstoppable....how was it? Terrible....Wanna come back to church then? Just sayin....ill be prayin for your salvations.


Excuse me for glossing over all of the other great stuff you said BUT.....Did you say COMPUTER CODING? :) Michael was reading a PROGRAMMING BOOK??? I have never been so excited. I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!!

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