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October 12, 2010



"We have become too familiar with a God we know very little about" A.w. Tozer.

bobby lepinay

I agree Anonymous. I just thought the 'see/saw' needs some balance on the fear of God, as too many take God lightly. God bless you and your husband as you witness for Him! PB


My husband has this t-shirt and wears it often. Almost every time he wears it he is presented with an opportunity to speak about his Lord and Savior and the very close relationship he has with Him. I see a lot of our culture not having a healthy fear of God, but I don't think that you can assume that because someone wears a t-shirt with a saying on it that you wouldn't wear means that they don't respect the holiness of God. I think that's a little judgmental, and instead we should have conversations with people like that.

Walt Magaha

That's a solid word.

In the past, the great revivals all started with people having an intense revelation of God's holiness and love and their own brokeness and desperate need for Him and His righteousness.

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