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October 28, 2010


curt poole

ah yes, the circus of human idolatry.I must ask myself, why do people fall for this sort of thing? I mean, if they are not under sound teaching what keeps them "safe" from the want to be gods? If we could be so real as to admit that religion without accountability enslaves the misinformed. I wonder how many "able to be known" ministers actually want to be an open book to those who follow them? After all, the cure for darkness is light. The cure for unsound church practices is people armed with a well read Bible. What is wrong with leaders saying "I want to be held accountable"? I also reflect on the great need for people to know how to hear the voice of God. Ministers are not a cosmic voice mail service.
great post subject, thanks


Some people are just gonna go to hell. The Bible is pretty clear about teachers, and those in leadership being judged more than those who are not. Sometimes its nice not being in those roles...I make enough mistakes without having to worry about leading someone else down those roads. Big responsibility.


Bobby, It is a comfort to know, that although these givers are victims who have been manipulated; if they give as unto the Lord, He will reward them according to His word not the person who misused it. The world has a lot of unfairness going on in the name of Jesus that we can not control, but it's only as we trust our BIG God can we believe to see His goodness in this lifetime.

Jim Mather

We have to understand that these people are 'evangelists' which means bearers of good news. They are wolves preying on people with no spiritual discernment. When people are not taught to discern spiritual truth for themselves they can be destroyed by that lack of knowledge (Hosea). Anyone can use spiritual terms and wording that appears biblical....esp satan and false 'profits'. A serious responsibility of leadership is to train people to discern deception at every level. Shepherds are to ward off these wolves and the best method is to train and disciple sheep in truth;

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