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October 13, 2010


Sis Debbie Bixler

My mother used to make homemade vanilla icecream and pour it in the metal container of the handcranked wooden icecream maker and Daddy would put ice and iecream salt all around and turn it until he could not turn it anymore! Then he packed it by adding more ice to set. We could not wait to eat the icecream on the paddle when he pulled it out. Wonderful childhood memories come flooding back when I eat the BlueBell vanilla ice cream! Dave bought the individual serving size in cups and it helps not to overeat. Just limit myself to one.


Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean! If I want homemade vanilla, I'll make it myself! :-) But seriously, tried the honey trick last night and it was AWESOME. Good call on that.

I find it amusing that "one of your daughters" was peering into the ice cream carton in the morning. :-)

Brian Hassett

I will now fulfill my manhood in double-dipping everything!

Lisa Lyon

Sounds just about as good as the chocolate frozen yogurt with mini colored marshmallows i sank into last night :) Def have to try the Blue Bell & Honey :)

mike & gin

And then there's the spoonfuls of Ben &
Jerry's.....the cartons that are hidden
behind everything in the freezer so the
kids don't find it. Oh yea, those were the
days ;-)

randy wojciechowski

Bob...you make me smile!:D

Russell Gross

Ha, Ha! I TOTALLY agree with you PB! There is NONE better than Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla! I had to convert Kimmy from the "stuff" that they call ice cream up in VA! Going to have to try it with honey though.. Never though of that! Well, theres another good experiment to try at the potluck! Blessings!

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