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September 06, 2010


Russell Gross

Hey PB!
Kimmy and myself had the same problem with our dog. We have to keep her shaved.... It makes it more tollerable!


Annie Grey

Pastor Bobby,
My family and I have been attending Harvest for about a month. We feel we have found a new church home. We appreciate your humor and the fact that your message are passionate, Scripture filled, and relevant.
We will be at the Newcomer's Coffee (we've already RSVP'd).
We had a German Shepherd who we used to joke was a California dog -- even though we bought him in Texas. The humidity used to kill him, and his smell killed us. We used to shave him in the summers. Not the most ferocious look for a manly, GS weighing over 100 lbs, but it helped us all keep our sanity!
See you (or should I say "hear you") this weekend...
Love wins,
Annie Grey

john Braun

For German Shepherds....either don't bother with bathing them in the summer or if you do bathe them, keep them inside. Of course, ours is a coach potato, so it's easy to keep her inside.

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