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September 22, 2010



Bring it!!! :-)


Seems that the Burleigh girls are gonna have to fight this one out cause the best place for gumbo (by far) is MY house. Bring it Mom and Deb, I'm ready for a throwdown.

Sis Debbie

Hush now, you are making me hungry! Was that Debbie, your wife, that just commented about best place for gumbo is her kitchen? My friend's husband, Lee Page, makes it all the time and I have yet to be invited over to have some. Only once has Dave made it and there was good ole okra and chicken in it! Looking forward to cooler weather so I can try to make some. Anyone have the recipe?

Becky B Burleigh

How about gumbo at your mother-in-laws house. Past time for a visit anyway. I miss you guys.


I'm with you on the Calvin and Hobbes thing. That was the greatest comic strip EVER.

amanda marchlewski

So happy for Jennifer! What a blessing!! You'll prob. have to make your own gumbo btw... ha!


There's a place up in Milton (I think) that served an amazing cup of gumbo. I once had gumbo at the Big Easy on Palafox (they're not there anymore and and I don't know if the new Big Easy is the same place or not)


The best place to get a cup of gumbo in this city is my kitchen ;-)As soon as the weather turns just a bit cooler, it's a comin.....

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