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September 20, 2010



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Carolyn Ongalo

Great Resistance But we will not relent, we will advance the Kingdom!!! I am fired up... Jesus is coming back lets get as many people off of the Road to Hell and on their Way to Heaven....with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!


Come on, Sista Rachel.....PREACH IT girl...!! Miss you guys....! PB

Rachel T

"...the gates of hell shall not prevail..." Whose gates? It's not the churches gates, it's hells gates. The church is on the offensive, actively destroying the strongholds the enemy has established. The enemy is the one on the defensive. We don't serve a weak God and must strive not be a weak church.

mike & gin

couldn't agree with you more pb!
on another note, we need to start posting
pics not only on fb, but on the website too!

Brian Hassett

This is why I love harvest... Not growing up in church my whole life, I have never understood the point of church culture... I sperm with people I know that have grown up in church their whole life, but they would not be able hang at harvest because it's not what they grew up with... The beautiful campus, gym, etc... Those things are not bad, but I fear that most don't seek God, they just seek church culture, it's comfortable.

Jim Mather

Amen and Amen

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