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August 12, 2010



Hey ???,

This is Pastor Bobby. I did email you but did not know if you got the email. Let me know!




Has the song for next week been selected yet? Or is there a place where the songs are posted that i have not found. I would like to listen to the sermon songs before arriving for services, to prepare better. I really likes the Second Chance and Prior Audioslave song. This coming Sunday will be my third service to attend. I am looking for ways to make it as good as it can get. Thank you.


Ok, so i thought maybe i would just get a nice little email explaining to me why this video is being played in church.
I think you definately went over the top with the whole "questioning the identity of the church" thing. That was no where in my head when i asked that simple question.
I see that i still dont have an answer, which shows insecurtiy. As for me remaining annonymous. That was a personal choice that i made in the matter of 2 seconds, not thinking it would be a big deal. I am not ashamed of my savior Jesus Christ. And i dont have to put my name on a comment to prove that. Its in a Christians actions that they shine their light. My question was the result of a person searching for a church home. Searching websites, and coming accross this video with a song that is not Glorifying God. I mean that by the song in itself. If i thought the church would just do things like that and not have a good reason for it, i would have simply clicked the exit button. I was curious to know how this ties into a serman. I am not however, willing to try a church that i dont know at least something about first.
Thats why i asked.
Have a blessed day!
And i wish the best for Harvest.


the army of god is coming in the name of the lord jesus so ponder thy paths of thy feet that thy ways maybe established

brian haseett

Well, "????," I suggest that you come check it out and hear the message before you judge... because that is what you are doing. I dont question your sincerity in your comment, and I definitely understand the question implied. But, to be fair, at the moment you are being very secretive about your identity so no one knows who they are talking to... Identity in Christ is a major thing for a Christian, but for some reason, though you are standing for what seems to be a moral value you have in Christ, your identity is not there... And by asking about this question on how this song glorifies God, you are very much so questioning the identity of the whole church(Harvest)... indirectly, and unintentionally I am sure... but none-the-less, you are questioning a whole churches(Harvest) identity in Christ, but you refuse to stand in Christ as an individual and feel the need to be this autonomous figure, unknown and unbound. It seems very judgmental...
I believe your question is valid and not unwarranted, but I do believe there was a better way to go about this... maybe a less reckless way. Anyways, I hope that you will come Sunday and hear the message preached as well as see how God works in the service... If you have a problem even after this, pray for wisdom and insight (Ephesians 1:17), then talk to Pastor Bobby. Ill be praying as well. Hope to see you sunday!


I dont want to be judgmental or anything but this isnt a song that glorifies God.
It has nothing to do with God.
Its talking about a dude getting out of his parents grasps so he can do his own thing...

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