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August 16, 2010



Second what Bobby is saying. He goes into this thought more in some of his other works.

This quote kind of goes into a Rich Mullins song that has been running through my head:

"I will be my brother's keeper...I won't despise him for his weakness/I won't regard him for his strength/I won't take away his freedom/I will help him learn to stand/"


Scott, I think he is refering to what Jesus said, quoting the OT, that we are (small g), small 'gods' in the sense of being created in His (Big G's)image, amazing in design, the wonder of angels (Heb 1). Definitely thought provoking as to the honor bestowed upon man, esp redeemed mankind


Yikes!! Does C.S. Lewis think we will possibly become gods and goddesses?

Jim Mather

Created in the image of God.... awesome and humbling.

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