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July 19, 2010


Lara Moore

Here is my take on this question... another question. Who is worship for? The act is good for us, but the Recepient is the purpose of worship. Am I more comfortable when I know the song? Yes. Am I more demonstrative? Yes. Is it a requirement? No. Worship, like love, joy and other actions that He has commanded us, are choices. While the worship leader does have a fine line to walk between helping lead the church and following the annointing of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit trumps us. Now I'm a little dramatic so I enjoy the outward appearance of worship. People worship in a multitude of ways, but the heart is the only part that He cares about. Interesting isn't it, that what we can't see is His focus? So I guess this is my around the block way of saying, "If you don't know the song, or it isn't being played the way you prefer. Suck it up. Speak the words to Him in your heart. Worship with that heart that He cares so much about!"


Even after 37 years with Jesus and 20 years of ministry, many of those as a worship leader, I still have some of those same questions. It seems that Worship is a topic that generates many questions, subjective in nature, with no concrete answers.

No answers, but here are some additional random thoughts to add to the mix:

We are to worship in spirit and in truth, but not necessarily in song. That being said, I love true, musical worship; however, if worshipping God through and with music on Sunday morning is our only worship of God throughout the week, don’t we have a major problem? I believe that worship should be our lifestyle in everything we do, not just music on Sunday morning.

I do not think that you have to know or like the music being played, but if you don’t like the song, or don’t know the song, do you think it can be a distraction? Coming from the perspective of someone who is new to Harvest, if I am looking at the screen to catch the words, I may not be as engaged as I would be if I already knew the words, or if I just ignore the words and use my own.

Some personalities are more reserved than others, so over the years, I’ve had to be careful about looking out from the platform and assuming someone wasn’t engaged just by what I see. Body language says a lot, but much happens on the inside as well.

I think there will be different reasons as to why people aren’t engaged in worship during a church service. For one it might be the state of that person’s heart and how engaged with God he or she is during the week. For another, it might just take some open teaching or training on what true worship is and then opportunity to practice it.

But also, something I’ve thought of recently is the example of a husband and wife (since we are the bride of Christ). In a marriage relationship, a husband and wife are going to show affection much differently in private than they will in public. It’s not because they are embarrassed for people to know they love each other, but some things are just private. I think this can be brought into the worship realm as well. My private times of worship are more demonstrative than I would ever think about doing in public. They are my private times, and I’m not embarrassed for others to know I love God, but some actions are just private for me. I believe everyone will have their own level of what they want to keep private and I think we should respect that.

I have more thoughts, but I’ll save those for another time!

Russell Gross

The worship that we have at Harvest was one of the MANY things that helped Harvest feel like where we wanted to be planted in. We LOVE the worship and Ive found, that when your lost in worship, mind on the Lord, and actively (spelling) engaging God, it just feels natural. I love the feeling of worshiping and just having hands raised, singing to God. Makes me feel AWESOME.... It does so much more for me (even in early service) than that HUGE Monster or Red Bull that I drink! :D I think that alot of people WANT to be more engaged, but are too worried about what everyone else will look and think..... HELLO PEOPLE, we are here worshiping the most AWESOME being EVER and your worried about what people are going to think looking at you?! Come on now! Nobody cares! Love God and do what feels natural when doing so.... Id venture to say that youll find yourself raising hands..... :D God is SO good! Harvest rocks.... I cant tell you how much we are going to miss EVERYTHING about this House Of God.


We had some visitors come this weekend. We had been inviting them for a couple years now. The wife is saved, husband is not and he pulled Nate aside after and told him how much he LOVEd the worship. He even said at one point during "Lead Me To The Cross" his hairs stood on end. It'd say that's a great 1st impression. Also their young teen son likes it so much he came back for youth that night. That's very impressive to me because they have been faithfully attending and serving at another local church for a couple of years but not really being fed or tened to as new Christians. I'm proud that Harvest made them feel welcome and made an impression.

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