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July 02, 2010


Adriana Neagu

There is no one like Roger! Indeed!!! I still agree with this, although there’s been seven years since I last saw him. Roger and Teresa - two of the most influential people that God used to transform my life. Thank you and love you to the end! Adriana Neagu (Bucharest, Romania)

Marilyn Hirth

Wrote something to you yesterday but I don't think it got posted ?! Anyway we want to bless you - thank the Lord for your life. And our blessings from Him to a most precious son. May the next 50 years of your life- if He tarries- bring great joy to the Lord. Love your smile, your laugh - so contageous - great sense of humor and and yet a most compassionate and tender heart. We are very proud of you son.
Love, Mom and Dad

Lynn Hirth Veilleux

My DEAR Brother Happy 50th Birthday (ouch that means I'm next year) Hope you have wonderful day. I love you lots! Lynn

Sonny & Peggy Bullard

We like the pic on your b'day card better! Rog you should have let Bobby post that one. It really shows you are really a July 4th B'day Baby! Happy Birthday! Dad said a half century sounds terrrible but 50 is not so bad! LV U Mom & Dad


He looks so intense...like he just stared at the fish until it jumped into his hand or something... :)

Bob Holmes

Welcome to the Elder Club Roger!!! I'll roll a wheelchair out for you Sunday.
You've finally made it to the age when people politely listen to you, they nod their heads, smile and really don't understand what you just said. LOL
Bob,I love the fish picture. It says it all.
Love You Guys!!!

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