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July 20, 2010


Chris Dufrene

I'm not a Mark Driscoll fan due to his stance on stay at home dads, but I will echo this sentiment about men in this regard. It's a powerful word for sure. I just have trouble dividing this from his word about at home dads. I actually emailed him about it with no response. Thanks for sharing. Sadly people will not hear this soon enough. I know I'm one of them.

Ryan Leal

I would Like to say that this post really helped some guys out there but most likely The guys that need to hear this are not on the internet to read your blog. They are selfishly doing what they want in there daily life and have no real concern to put God First. Most likely if a guys falls in this category if he is on the internet he is thinking about watching porn or is doing it or is chatting on face book with girls that he has no business talking to. This is something that needs to be said in and around church every once and awhile as a reminder of how God See's men as leaders on this earth and with our families. If you ask a guy that is in this place and going to church year after year. if he would like to change? 99% of them say yes to change, but are never fully confronted so the never will change. and this is what Mark Driscoll did at his church confront the issue not just talk about it.

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