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June 03, 2010



Weight train! Lean muscle boosts your resting metabolisim so that you burn more calories AROUND THE CLOCK, even when you're sleeping. I have had a much easier time maintaining my weight since I have replaced most of my cardio workouts with weight training. P.S. the only way I'm running is if someone scary is chasing me!


cardio increases metabolism....the long term effects are greater than the short term effects. you eat more often in smaller spirts to satisfy your body's need for nutrients. just think...you can eat that donut and gain back the wait just to lose it again by bedtime without doing anything!

Lisa Bumgardner

So, I agree with Mr.Jim, Bobby,choising to be healthy is a lifestyle. It means changing your whole way of thinking about food.You chose to nurish your body rather than to just comfort it with yummy foods or sweets.Our physical health is just as important as our spiritual health,and we nurish our sprits with Good (God's word)so, nurish your body with good foods too!!I'm not sayng don't ever eat anything yummy or sweet,just portion it when you do. Yes,you will be hungry after you run,but then drink lots of water and eat some fruit(oranges are good after a good sweat). Think of your cardio as a cleansing.. use that time to talk to God and enjoy nature.I can't run, I get shin splints real bad, but I power walk and I love it!! I never used it to lose weight( I changed my eating habits for that) but I used it to tone the muscle while I lost weight and to be in better over all health.Now I do it because I love it and I like staying in shape. I do recomend a book... The flat Belly Diet.. it is put out by Prevention Mag. It's a wonderful and healthy way to eat,and you dont starve while following it!!! I'm NOT saying you need to lose weight ...you said that :) I'm just giving some feed back. Jim spoke of your goal, I agree with him compleatly! And oh yeah, cardio also targets belly fat and boost your matabilism..which burns more fat! So its not just about the calories your burning.Don't STOP EATING...change what you eat:)Love ya,and I hope some of this make since.

Jim Mather

The problem with having a goal like 'losing 10 pounds' is that it is misplaced. If you want health as the goal you're in a better long term place. Exercise is awesome (I love to run) but my goal is not to lose a set number of pounds. It's to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Over time I believe I will arrive at that goal not in isolation but as I love God by making healthy choices regarding rest, exercise, diet, prayer, fellowship(vertical and horizontal) etc... If the goal is wrong or too short sighted than frustration and failure are inevitable.

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