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June 08, 2010


mike & gin

oh yeah, she was mad, you left her for too
long. whether you leave them 10 minutes or
10 hours, they miss you the same, they have no concept of time. one thing i do when i leave is,leave the radio on, they associate that with me being home because i always have music on. just sayin...


Mias a Christian dog, she is devouring the Word! Scott


And the dog is still living? You're a good man PB, a real good man.


Change her name to Ezekial...:) Believe me, our dogs have destroyed their share of property: holes in the utility room wall, torn screens, etc.

L. Bumgardner

I'm sooo sorry!!! I feel the same way about mine..I actually bought it at the Liberty college book store, 26 yrs ago,it even has pages my girls "put their mark" on... but .. I guess God has some new things to show you, or at least thats how I would look at it :) Yes a new begining!!! God Bless you!!!

sheryl braun

all too familiar......


A fresh start : )


soooo sorry PB. I have a half eaten couch to add to your bible.

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