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June 14, 2010


Sis Debbie

I heard a Baptist preacher once preach on this subject and he explained if "once saved always saved" were not true, then Christ would have had to die twice. I did not understand his reasoning at all! Then I heard the evangelist at Brownsville Assembly of God say that if you die in a backslidden condition then you would go straight to Hell! I shivered at that thought also. You are so right about the condition of our hearts--whether we were serious or not or just trying to get "fire insurance" as some have put it,or a "ticket to Heaven"!! We serve Him because we love Him, not because we are afraid we might displease Him and be sent to Hell.God is ready to forgive but it is not right to ask forgiveness before you do something wrong--that is just mere stupidity! God only forgives a broken and a contrite heart. If we die before we have time to repent of some unconfessed sin, then we are "covered by the blood". This would be my answer to the question: if a mentally unstable, depressed or oppressed Christian suddenly took a turn for the worst and say committed suicide,would they be forgiven and go to Heaven?

helena joyner

I'm proud of your answer. Having a Baptist husband, this concept is vital to them. He liked your response. I am thankful for your faith and that your teachings are driven by the Holy Spirit. Truly the heart drives the spirit which causes the actions. You are so true that the heart needs to be right first.

Nicole Ongalo

Great answer, PB! Yesterday was so awesome as well!!!! Being able to serve under such a great pastor and great church is such a blessing.

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