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June 09, 2010


Eddie Gray

What a cool song! Man, I dig that 80's sound. Never heard that one, though. I never got into D&K very much, but I know a bit about their influence on 'good' Christian music. Dana Key wrote a book I read several years ago called "Don't Stop the Music" that was written in defense of opposition from those within the Christian community who think that all so-called "rock music" is Satanic in nature. Man, how can you hear such a song of praise as in that video and think it has ANYTHING to do with Satan??

I never met Dana Key, but part of me grieves because I know how dearly he will be missed by all who knew him and loved him. How great is our God, to know however, that one day I WILL get to meet him. Maybe then I'll be a good enough guitar player to have him teach me some cool solos!!

Derek Paden

I enjoyed listening to them growing up. Boycott Hell was one of my favorite songs. He is with our Savior now.


I was sad to hear about this the other day! I fell in love with D&K 2 years before they stopped making music together. Lise has (or had) some early 80's D&K cassettes and I think I've still got a couple of their later CD's in the stacks somewhere.

Good stuff.

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