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June 24, 2010



there was actualyy a second part to that question. How do we as Christians show GOD's love through the hard times(End of times) to come?

Brother Willie Stiffin, II

The Word of God says within it, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,..." It would seem that the mindset of Christ is the very mindset I should have. By studying the Word, you see that Christ wants us to be watchful for those signs of the end times, but they should persuade you to work and live for Christ with even more fervor than ever! The end is coming: Knowing that, how should we operate from hereon out? Well, "Lay aside every weight,..."

the kid

I feel we have been in the end times since Jesus ascended. What other events have to take place for Jesus to return. We all run the risk of dying at any moment. Thus we are in the end times. We need to live our lives to the fullest of what God intended for we never know when the end is.

Bob Holmes

Yea!!!! Great answer. I remember taking a college class on the Late Great Planet Earth in 1975. I remember people NOT going to college because the LORD was coming back and there wasn't time for college. I've seen people sell their houses, move to the mountains, dump their families and go to the mission field all because the Lord is coming back. Talk about out of balance...trying to make something happen.
Thanks Bob!
God Bless all you guys reading Bobby's Blog!

Jim Mather



When some one asks me are we living in the end times... I always say, yep, for us this is definitely the end times. James 4:14 So make the best use of every moment we can. :-)

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