This may be the most random blog entry I’ve written in years.  But here goes.

I have two digital picture frames that are very special to me.  One sits on a coffee table in my living room.  My staff gave it to me.  It scrolls through individual pictures of them.  Along with each picture is a line from one of my sermons or leadership teachings that really impacted them.  I use it to pray for all of them regularly, and to talk to my boys about everyone who works at Elevation.

The other one sits on my desk here at the office.  It has about 200 pictures (wild guess) of the time I spent in Uganda with our lead team last November.  You’d be surprised how much perspective the images in that digital picture frame bring to my day as they rotate through.  For instance, when I’m tempted to feel sorry for myself because our offering totals were kind of low, maybe I see a picture of Pastor Joshua in the slums of Kampala, and remember how he’s trying desperately to build toilets for his village so the kids won’t have to eat food that has been cooked in a place right next to a hole in the ground where they use the bathroom.  And suddenly, I don’t feel so sorry for myself.

I love that picture frame too.
And I’m telling you about both of these picture frames for two different reasons.

First, I highly suggest you get one, fill it with meaningful images, and put it in a place where you can see it all the time.  You’ll love it.

But on a deeper level, I think my digital picture frame is a sort of analogy for the power of the images that we allow to dominate our thinking from moment to moment.  Our minds process an astounding number of images every moment of every day.  Some are conscious, some are subconscious.  Some are positive, some are negative.  Some are real, some are imagined.  Some are rooted in regret, others are filled with future potential.

According to Romans 12:1, we have the God-given ability to renew our minds.  That means we can download new images, concepts, and patterns of thinking, and literally change the way we see the world.

What images are programmed into the digital picture frame of your mind?
Are you consistently setting your mind on things above?
Are you thinking on the things of God?

The images that capture your focus will determine your destiny.
Program them selectively, and give them prominent placement.