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May 17, 2010


Dave Bixler

Could not view, NBC/Universal put a block on copyright. Great worship & message by ministry team on Sunday.
Pastor Roger had a great message.

Dave Bixler


I cannot agree that it was mean-spirited. While I am sure BP does care somewhat for this beautiful habitat we've been given, I can assure you they are ultimately looking out for their bottom line and how this will affect their image and sales. And who hasn't seen SNL? It was a pretty fair representation of how BP has handled the situation so far, in my opinion. Lots of ideas and talk, oil still spewing out into our precious Gulf. I thought it was smart and funny.


Not so much a fan of that video because it's mean-spirited. Could have been funny...b/c the idea of the dolphins is hysterical.

brian hassett

great video


Share it PB !!! The one thing I appreciate about your leadership at Harvest is your transparency! You are real and you are genuine and people can relate to you because of that.


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