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April 21, 2010


Debbie Bixler

You are so right--but God showed me in His Word that those who fret forget there is a God and that He is in control. So I try not to worry. My grandma used to say, "I studied about you today" which meant she was concerned about us and I knew that she had also prayed. When she put it, the situation, and us in the Lord's hands, we just knew everything would be ok. I have learned to do that too! Also a teaching one preacher gave us said that if we worry, we sin, we do not trust God enough to work out our problems. He is highly capable of taking care of us. So why worry?


hummm...first thought I have is that maybe there's a fine line between worry and lack of concern/uncaring...

and people vs things could help determine which it is...

just a thought :)

Betty Bryant

Great stuff!! Why is it, though, that if we refuse to worry about something we have no control over, people have a tendency to see it as lack of concern?

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