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April 26, 2010


Debbie Bixler

Love our church too!!! When I opened the Bible I grabbed to bring to church(one near door--not one I read daily), opened it & there was a LONDON leather bookmark my Aunt & Uncle had brought me when they visited London many years ago. Was that coincidence or what? Just a reminder to pray for London and all our missionaries close by or on the foreign fields.Loved the message--what an encouragement for us to share Christ & our testimony even in a Wal-mart ck-out line!

Lonnie Ferguson

I love that church also, and you have been an inspiration to me these last couple of years. It has been a wonderful healing time for me to serve the work of the Lord there at the Rave, and I believe Eugene will continue to serve and do a wonderful job in that capacity.It is time now to erase the scarring and continue the restoration. I will see you soon, my friend.

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