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April 19, 2010


Debbie Bixler

Wednesday nights used to be our prayer meeting nights when I went to a denominational church. It was always at 7:00 & then Mother and Daddy stayed for choir practice. MANY GOOD MEMORIES OF THIS. PRAYER TIME NEVER BORING WHEN ONE RALLIES AROUND PRAYER BANNERS LIKE WE DID AT BROWNSVILLE Assembly of God--PERHAPS WE SHOULD DO THIS HERE?


My husband and I are new to Harvest and would love to attend the prayer meetings but we do not get off in time. Is there any way that sometimes the meetings could be a little later? Just wondering. By the way we are loving Harvest and all the people we have met so far. Real people serving a Real God. Awesome!


Good words PB. Here would be my question if Paul wrote a letter to the church of Pensacola which one? Or is the answear in the question. The whole town constitutes the church. We have to unite as one body with Christ as the head. We have to build upon his foundational truthes. What we view as Christianity is it mainly Americanism? Thanks for a solid post


Im not one to "blow smoke" if you will. But a few things you said in this post...was like you pulled thoughts our of my own mind.

First: The simplicity of the church with Jesus as the focus. Instead of the church being the focus. We have come so far (mostly in technology only) from what the first church was in Acts. Yet look how the Lord blessed that church based off their simplistic and common sense actions. They devoted themselves to prayer, the etachings of the apostles, and the breaking of bread. And the Lord added to their number daily, those who were getting saved. If anyone had a need it was met. Even if it was through the selling of one's property to raise money for anothers needs.

Second thing: You mentioned the 7 churches in Revelation. I think there are a lot of churches these days that the Lord would "have something against." And I don't think its a matter of humanity not being a perfect being. But more the fact that the above mentioned ceases to occur. And that being Christ is the center. For what is church? Technically you can't GO TO CHURCH...we are the church. The church is not a building...anyways...not used to hearing a pastor say such things.

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