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April 20, 2010


doug brotherton

Bobby, Rowdy was like a brother to me for the last 25 plus years. As Lafayette has grown he show me the fields and woods where you guys used to play and hang out. I was touched in late april when i came across you blog. He was a great guy,smartest man I ever knew. We traveled many roads together over the course of two and a half decades, he came to my home for many Sunday dinners and was allways a part of our family prayer circles for our holiday meals. Its going to be tough to give thanks this November without breaking down remembering my friend. He was much loved and very much missed. Thanks for remembering our good friend.
Doug Brotherton

Eddie Gray

Bobby, what a beautiful post. I'm so glad you have such good memories of Rowdy. And I'm even more glad you shared them with us today.

Debbie Bixler

LIFE IS CERTAINLY "TOO SHORT TO BE LITTLE" SO WE ARE CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE WITH SO MANY THOUGHTS RUNNING THRU--WISHING WE HAD MORE TIME, WONDERING WHERE THE TIME WENT, WISHING WE COULD HAVE SPENT MORE TIME WITH THEM WHO ARE GONE INTO ETERNITY. Just be thankful for the times we did have with them and not grieve the time we won't have! That is what the Holy Spirit spoke to me one day when I was thinking of the ones I miss who have gone on to be with the Lord.


Life always seems to go on seamlessly from day to day. Until something like this happens. And then we have to stop and wonder where all the time went. Or where our minds, lives, and efforts were "all those years." If anything I would say it helps put reality and life back into perspective. We dont have as much time as we all would like. To keep up with people or loved ones. Life/ambitions can keep us too focused on one thing or the other. - Anyways, im sorry to hear the news. Even those you don't see for years can rattle you. Especially when you find out it they passed away. Love ya PB!


My Sympathies PB! I think when we lose someone who was such a fabric of our lives even from chapters long ago, we feel like part of ourselves is gone as well. I know that feeling too, most of us do. Still, there is a very real sadness, tangible in fact, you feel in your heart. With you in the journey friend! Scott

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