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March 02, 2010


joel shirley

Oh please post on discerning the Lord versus my own restlessness. I can't take the suspense.


I think that the thing that amazes me sometimes is that when people get restless... they usually don't take the time to re-examine themselves. It is far to easy to look at all the outward circumstances and point a finger. I still get restless sometimes... and when I do its a solid reminder to me that I need to turn more fully to the One in whom I find my rest.


Wow! I am really pulled into this post. About 10 months ago I felt that I needed to 'rest'. Well, it's taken 10 months for me to let myself enter this rest. I've been here for three years and I've moved three times!!! And, even during these past 10 months felt and thoughts of moving again! I had traveled for over twenty years with the military - usually every three years - thought maybe the pattern had formed in me but also thoughts of God leading me somewhere...Thanks PB! oh, and yes, I'm one who has been in this church and that church and another and another always trying to find 'one'. Maybe it's just time for me to STOP and STAY still and trust God more and quit the running around. :)

Jim Mather

Restlessness can also be used to get us to evaluate where we are at. If we can ask those who are authority figures in our lives and who pray for us for counsel they can help us discern what is happening. This presumes humility and a willingness to seek out guidance as opposed to the difficult to argue against, "God told me".

Carrol Liechty

Got the movie...
Aren't we always a little discontented...restless living on earth? We walk this earth in the flesh, yet our spirit cries out for the purity of uninhibited fellowship with our God. Soooo we enter into the Rest (taking thoughts captive) and trust His love to guide. When the "antsys" come...Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face..and the things of earth....


This is really good. "Too many people equate the restless feeling with God. " -- YES.


Restlessness VS Hunger.....Restlessness can result in missed opportunities and disappointments, BUT Hunger always results in Being "Filled, Satisfied". Does your life look like a tumbleweed? You may have been governed by restlessness. Does your life cause deep hunger in others? You may be goverend by a Hunger that rests satsified in HIM.


My all time very favorite movie! One reason I always loved it because she was a good cook and she put so much love into her creations and people felt the love and emotion that she would put into the food,...now you've really given me something to think about. Now I think that subconsciously I really connected with this movie because I could relate to her restlessness, Hum...something to think about! Thanks.

Lori McGhee

Very well said! I know there have been many times in my life where I have felt that restless feeling in marriage, job and even church. I now know to hang in and stand firm and do the basic things of daily seeking God. I am so grateful now for not giving in to those times, because I am so truly blessed with an awesome marriage of 15 years and a wonderful church of friends and family! It's hard work and sometimes a daily struggle, but it's worth it!

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