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March 11, 2010



Some people can't wear them...I am one of them.


PB, you are too funny! Really, just break down and wear the readers, you'll get used to them, probably a lot quicker than contacts. I just buy the el cheapos 1.5 strength and keep a pair in each room of the house. They are a lot less aggrivating than contacts, believe me. I tried that route. You're lucky you still have your distance vision, then you only have to wear glasses when you're reading. :-) Life is good!


Just a bit of encouragement. Go see Dr. Terrezza. The visit costs a little less, customer serivce is better, and my contacts have a hint of color so I can see them.


haha! You have totally described my initial experience wearing contacts--15 years ago! They worked with me for about an hour--wouldn't let me go home until I could put the contacts in! I think a better way to describe the shape (other than an army helmet) is that the sides will kind of flute out over the edge of the contact instead of being a nice concave arc. AND, even then, sometimes it's still hard to tell! I've even had mine just suddenly pop out! It can be a real aggravation but I really like wearing the contacts...

Jim Mather

I try to memorize my messages to ward off Alzheimers and in turn don't have to worry much about my notes :)

Anita J.

Hey Pastor Bobby,
Keep working at it. I have been wearing them for years but it shouldn't feel like something is in the eye. Actually, you shouldn't be able to feel them at all. You only feel them when they don't fit properly or if its torn/scratched.

randy wojciechowski

Bob, you've made me laugh so hard I can't even see thru my bifocal glasses...you've expressed the frustration of getting older and blinder...and made me LAUGH OUT LOUD for real. I love you brother, thanks....adn keep trying, with ONE eye!

Cheryl (Magaw) Eskelinen

You should have come to Opti Club...our ctl exams are only $118.00 for bifocals and I could've helped you get them in and out...thats what i do and have been doing for 32 years now..and our owner goes to your church!!! I hope it gets better for you, Bobby! They should feel better by now..if not, you need to let them know!!

Bless you and Debbie,




I have tried the glasses route and just hate not having full vision Lonnie. After this, I may have to try it again though. I am embracing my age, just wish it was more convenient. :)

Lonnie Ferguson

trust me on this one PB. wear the glasses and quit worrying about what they look like. embrace your age, far too many do not make it to that age....besides 47 is the new 37.

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