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March 15, 2010



Dave Ramsey for high schoolers sounds great. College costs enough without having to pay interest. There are other ways. Years ago, I went to PJC & UWF on a vocational scholarship for taking child care classes in high school. Now I'm a grad assistant which is paying for my masters degree. It's been hard to go to school and work extra while teaching full-time and being a wife and a mom, but I'll finish this summer and we won't owe on a student loan. Praise God!

Lonnie Ferguson

Confessions is a good series, I am anxious for the next two messages, bareing your soul is tuff, I know, but it will allow others to open up to do the same. Let us all become transparent, and remove the mask that we hide behind. God already sees us for who we are anyway.
P.S. The pollen count is going up, lots of yellow dust on the cars.

Margie Dietrich

It has been a great experience going to Harvest the past few Sundays. It's nice to know a fellow cajun around here :) Thanks for all of your hospitality, great messages and incredible praise and worship! You will definitely be seeing our faces every Sunday.


Prayer request for my Mom (Tahelia Wardlaw). She has been going to the doctor for the last few years with changing white blood cell counts up and down. Over the last several days she has experienced a rapid increase in white blood cell count...15-16-17 as of today. She will be going to the doctor tomorrow for check up and they will try to figure out what and where the infection is. All sorts of things run in our family so please be praying for physical healing and protection from infirmity. Thank you for your prayers and support.


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