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March 31, 2010


Tony Roland

First we should never fear if our hope is in the Lord. Ronald Reagan said "never be afraid to see what you see". Both political parties suffer from godlessness, and so power has corrupted them.So I agree it is not the party but godlessness that we are suffering under. The difference here is the an enemy has completely taken the democratic party over. Persecution of ALL symbols, and instances of ONLY the Christian faith should tell us something. Opposition of anything good ie; freedom,personal responsibility, marriage, heterosexuality, parental rights and responsibilities, work ethic, privacy, are all under attack by the democratic party.
The president is and will continue betray Israel, Jesus said many anti Christ have gone out into the world. It does not take a great deal of spiritual discernment to see that. So what shall we do to be saved? Expect all spirits of anti Christ to persecute you, now that they are in control of our government, do not be surprised. When the devil comes in like a flood the Lord promises the Spirit will raise up a standard against it. These are the days that will try men's souls, but be of good cheer the Spirit of the Lord is here, and He wants to rule and reign in us. It is time for judgment to begin at the house of the Lord, and if we judge ourselves we shall not be judged. It is time for the Sons of righteousness to shine like the sun, and do not be afraid little flock for it is the Father's good intentions to give unto you His Kingdom. These are the last days......

Jason and Ellen Beck

Great post Pastor Bobby. Both sides have, and are, doing great things and bad things. Just because we may not support one particular party, does not mean that everything they do is bad.

Ari Hall

The Florida Chamber of Commerce supports the idea. I've talked to many teachers, and there's a concensus that there are bad teachers, and Principals don't get rid of them because the documentation process is too laborious. The reason teachers unions don't like this bill is that some teachers will make more than others, and that removes some of their bargaining leverage. Teachers will both like the opportunity to earn more money, and they will dislike the possibility that other teachers will earn more than they.

They don't like that sometimes their students performance is determined by things outside of their own direct control.

I believe that teachers have indirect control over many of those things, and that it is in the best interests of the children that we encourage teachers to be more proactive in influencing those things, whether its relationships with parents, coaches, insisting that students get into the right classes, or even reforming class logistics so that those who excel in one area and are behind in another can continue to develop at the proper speed. Teachers can even be loud voices of protest when administrators aren't letting them do their jobs, such as giving them unwritten rules prohibiting them from expelling or failing certain students. We need to give teachers the incentive to be proactive in these areas.



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